About us

We are based in Italy and we have more than 30-years experience dealing with second hand machinery worldwide. We offer used machinery from Europe (Italy) in working conditions, from the best Italian textile companies. Mainly when we offer some machinery to our buyers it is still running on mill floor and can be inspected while running.

We do provide a full service to our clients, from the research of required machinery to loading, including the organization of inspection, legal and technical advice, negotiation assistance, contract preparation, organization and supervision of dismantling and loading operations, etc.

Our core business is a full range of textile machinery and plants, such as spinning, yarn dyeing, warping, sizing, weaving, fabric finishing, dyeing, printing, coating, synthetic yarn production, non woven, etc, but we have supplied to our customers used machinery for wood-working, ceramic tiles production, power generation, paper production and food production machinery as well.

If you have any need of second hand machinery or want to sell your used machinery, please don’t hesitate to contact us and send us your offers and enquiries!

Waiting to hear from you,

Thanks and best regards,

Anna Ivanova & Giulio Bubani