Additional service during COVID-19 emergency

Dear Friends!
From today, May 4th 2020 all italian factories are back to work, the lockdown in Italy is finally over!
We hope that in your countries the situation will get better too very soon!
The shipping companies are also operating normally.
Considering that the boarders remain closed for some more time, and that many people could be not very comfortable with travelling in the current situation, although there are buyers who need second hand machinery, we propose the following temporary solution:
a) some of you knows us very well and has already experienced business with us in the past. For those who do trust us we propose to check the machinery ourselves on your behalf free of charge.
b) for those buyers who want an official certification of the machines to be shipped, we can organize the service of an international certification made by some specialized organization, like SGS for instance, at the current rates applied by such organization.
Please let us know what do you think about the proposed service.
We hope that this could be a useful solution and in this way we can restore the business and come back to a normal situation very soon.
Best regards and best wishes to all of you and your loved ones,
Anna Ivanova & Giulio Bubani