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MECA.TEX used transfer calender

MECATEX Transfer calender

MECA.TEX transfer calender model TS 1800/900, year 1997, width 2000mm, working width 1850mm, fabric entrance from big roll or fold with j-box accumulator, with tensioner, helicoidal brushing and opener, with aspitation system. Pins chain small stenter with circular brushes. Big roller diam 900mm heated by diathermic oil, felt ring carpet which wraps the big roller for 260°, 4-positions cross rack for paper rolls. At this point there is the coupling of fabric and paper. Exit with j-box accumulator, tensioner and tangential winder, for big roll or folder. Completed with THERMOPAC diathermic oil boiler model 100B, year 1997, metan gas burner, nominal power 116 kw, max power 133 kw, oil temperature 300°C, oil circulating pump 10 cub meters/hour. Completed with pumps and valves.

Ref. P-134

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