Sizing machinery

Karl Mayer sizing machine, 4000mm width, year 2002, Karl Mayer fractional warper

Karl Mayer Rotal sizing machine, Mod ELC O TENS, Year of construction 2002, width 4000 mm, max diameter beam 1250mm. Application of wax outside drying cilinder. Worked 1 shift 5 days x week. One sizing box with double set of double squeezing cylinders. Steam cylinders 8 with teflon 2 stainless steel tot 10, diameter 800mm, width 2000mm. Sizing creel 16 beams width 2000 mm, diameter 1250 mm. Sizing kitchen model mpd-pw/2000, Year 2002
Crane for beams type 414, cap. up to 1600kg, year 2002
Suction hood stainless steel with 2 motors 11+7.5kw
Dust aspiration hood over the beaming head
DECA beam trolley, Max beam width 4000mm, max weight 2000kg, year 2012

Karl Mayer fractional warper MOD ZM-SP 2000/1250DNC, Air pressure 6 atm, width 2000mm, year of construction 2002
Creel model GWSP780, 780 positions, gauge 335mm
diameter beam 1250 mm
worked 2 shifts 5 days a week
Dust aspiration system type km 711r44rd 90160l, power 15 kw, year 2002.
N 24 Beams width 2000mm, diameter 1250mm.
Armanni electric trolley for beams with electric charger.



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