Spunbond and NW machinery

Line for thermobonded wadding -SOLD

Line for thermobonded wadding also coupled for wadding, 100/800 gr.x m2. YOC  1990/1992

FOR  carding machine  double drum double doffer working width 250 cm., production 400/500 kg / h                                                      FOR  cross-lapper , entry 250cm. / exit 350cm. – 400cm.                   N 1 conveyor belt from the cross-lapper to the oven                    Tomes thermofusion oven, width 330cm. length 600cm.              Tomes longitudinal cutting system                                                Tomes winder                                                                              Transversal cutting system                                                  MAGETRON Packing machine to reduce the volume of large rolls,

The plant is located in Italy and it is in operation, but at this moment stopped

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