Spunbond and NW machinery



Complete line for thermobonding fibers, table width 3500- mm., working width 3000- mm., capacity 800-kg./hour,
yoc. 1996/2012, composed of:

Carding machine BEMATIC BSS Type BHL 3000, year 1996, Revamperd in 1999 and new revamp 2017 with introduction of Two pairs of conderser (diameter 40 mm) delivery rolls with independent engine. One feeding unit with two beating woll BEMATIC BCV – BHL 3000.
One continuos weighting feeding unit BEMASCALE B311 (2017)
Production capacity 800 Kg/hour (possible increase if higher speed crosslapper).

MTV Crosslapper Model FA390 year 2013, Inlet speed max 70 m/min.
BOMBI oven Model Nwg-TX Year 2012. Width 3,5 m for a final production width 3,0. Three heating areas. Two metal nets with variable distance between them, for production also of Pads with high density and thikness.

Bombi Calander cool water Mod. Cal/2C/3,5/HT for final calibration of pad’s thikness. Year 2012
BOMBI cooling unit Mod. Raff.2,5 to cool the material, year 2012.
Surface Smoother unit BOMBI Mod. L300, for the production of pads with a smooth surface. Year 2012.
Cutting and staking unit MT mod. STRATO MAXI, year 2012.

This THERMOBONDING LINE has n. 6 circular knifes with high diameter (600 mm) for cutting also high density and high weight pads,
Two circular knifes as above for transversal running cut for a better precision in the cut and a perfect squaring of the pads. A stacker unit for the realization of the packs of panels.
One by-pass, for possibility to send the material in a winding unit MT AVTO 1200 Year 2012 and a semi-automatic Packaging unit for rolls MT Mod. RP 1200.
Packing machine for panels packs MT Mod. TP 800 year 2012.

Thermobonding line

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