Plastic glasses production line

Plastic glasses production line


The line available for the glasses in question consists of:

-PRIMARY EXTRUDER TR90 AMUT , extrusion system 300 kg/h. Reconditioned year 2015.                                                            Working width adjustable from 600 to 800 mm, thickness 0.3-2 mm.    -CO.-EXTRUDER TR70 Amut idem c.s                                       Screen changers on both extruders.                                                        – FLAT HEAD Fp 1000 Amut 2015                                                      -CALENDER CL 1050.3 , reconditioned in 2015.                                 -TOWING TR 1050                                                                            -2 Motorized bobbin winder 2015

NB With the two dies in addition to the KPS SI                                    It can extrude two color HIPS or a single color.

– Dipiemme thermoforming plant year 2008 but new in excellent condition.                                                                                            All new, the thermoforming machine was reconditioned in 2015 but has never worked.                                                                                   -System form. shearing,                                                                          -Wind reel and final scrap winder.                                                           -VARISCO MOLD, 10-finger-mold 210cc, NEW 2018.                       -Plc for automatic belling cycle, New.                                       Production capacity 15000 Bicch. Now i.e. approx. 160 kg of leaf.         So the extrusion plant produces about 150 kg/h more than the belling machine.                                                                                                 – Total installed power 320 KW in full load operation approx. 170.       -The compressor complete with dryer and tank will have a capacity of at least 10000 lt/h 15Kw                                                                        – Instead of spring water with harness not more than 14 French degree  it can be installed a water-chiller with capacity 110000 Fr/h (approx. 45 KW) closed circuit.

Plastic glasses production line pictures: