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If your ON1 database gets corrupted, and you don’t have sidecar backups (more on that in a moment), all your photo edits could be toast. I opened finder and everything was as it should be so I figured it was a glitch and closed On1 and restarted it. With lower resolution images than mine (36 megapixels in this case) or a faster computer (2013 MacBook Pro), it also becomes less of an issue. There is no built-in way to back up your ON1 database, for example. On1 is giving Lightroom and other Raw processors a run for their money. ON1’s Albums fill the same purpose (organizing your photos separate from your folder structure). Lastly, Lightroom does have a few more special-case features that ON1 does not. Apparently there is no way to do this. I have just been using the trial version of ON1 (2019.5). I am a very light user of LR, use it couple of times a month and so do not really want to get into an adobe subscription plan. You will also want to enable ON1’s sidecar files, which we will discuss next. Interpreting the data is another matter. If you delete a photo outside of ON1, it doesn’t show up as “missing” like in Lightroom – it simply gets deleted. ON1 Photo RAW and Lightroom share similar editing screens, tools with the same names, and many of the same keyboard shortcuts. Speaking of organization, ON1 Photo RAW can arrange images using tags, including keywords, color labels, and ratings, or by organizing them into folders. In that regard, I have no problem recommending ON1 wholeheartedly. You can take advantage of a 90-day money-back guarantee and any of several 30-day free trials for a variety of their programs, including ON1 Photo RAW. Lightroom migration catalog to ON1 did not work with my older version of LR. First, the sidecar files only save post-editing information, so they do not store data like presets and preferences, meaning that you may still lose work if there’s an issue. Both programs offer several standard options for viewing your images. Another advanced feature that ON1 does not yet have is support for custom color profiles, such as those created by a ColorChecker or similar product. In the end, both ON1 Photo RAW and Lightroom do their job very well. On1 just ignored those, so they are actually completely useless as a backup. If you save a Smart Preview of an image, you can edit it offline, too, at a penalty of around 3-4% the file size of the original. Here’s a comparison of the two: Between the two, Lightroom catalogs are harder to grasp initially. With this newest version, ON1 wants to establish its application as a viable alternative to Adobe's Lightroom, and says most of the improvements to the new version are a direct result of community input. ON1 vs Lightroom | Differences and Comparison of Photo Editors Surely not!! If so, who might find it useful for their photography? 4. Being new to On1 I wasn’t sure if this just deleted the image from the cataloged folder or actually remove it from the folder on my HDD and send it to the trash so after deleting the image I switched to the folder view to see if the image remained. I’m a bit late to this party and also a real newbie to photography and post-software, DAMs etc and I’m also on a budget… so I’m very interested in getting this area as right as I can! I had cataloged a few of my folders as I discovered that I needed to do this for searches across all folders to work. Remember that you have to import your photos first to use the catalog. These files are stored next to each individual photo you edit on your hard drive. I start the import (6 photos), the CPU goes crazy. But can you capture one that’s better than the other? If you find yourself working with offline files often, Lightroom is probably more useful software. Certainly try Luminar 3, I was surprised even though it is not at the level of ON1. Adobe Lightroom Classic: Adobe Lightroom has high standards to be one of the best photo editing … I’m leaning toward saying ON1. Again, there’s no decisive winner. That, too, is occasionally the case in Lightroom. Performance – This is really bad. All three are essential for experienced editors who want complete freedom over post-processing. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions, and I will do what I can to help! Lightroom gives you far more options – everything from highly specific metadata to your photo’s ISO, folder name, dimensions, and countless else. I use lot of manual lenses, without the lens info in the EXIF data there is no option to select the lens profile in ON1. If you like to blend HDRs manually, like many landscape photographers, you even have the ability to use a luminosity mask. User Experience – Is On1 Photo RAW Better Than Photoshop? The most obvious difference between Lightroom and ON1 Photo RAW is how they store edits to a photo. Capture One Layers vs. 2. There’s no pop-up dialog box that prompts you to download or a button on the interface. Note I did not restore any image folders, just the hidden system folder. Now I could see nothing in the browser. Lightroom’s edit storage system, photo search mechanisms, ability to work with offline images, the number of third-party plugins, support for custom color profiles, and superior GPS mapping help it stand out. Anyway I heard that On1 2021 was being released so I thought as it had been a few years, I’d give them another look so I downloaded a 2020.5 trial. If a file is offline, you cannot even see its thumbnail in the software, let alone organize and edit it. Even if you just want to view your ON1 database files, you need to unlock the AppData folder (Windows)…These .on1 and .xmp files act as vital backups to your image data and edits in case your database fails.”. However, ON1 Photo RAW does not support any of these products. ON1 Photo RAW uses a similar mechanism, but it takes a bit more work to create filters and adjust search options. Most photographers are going to be very comfortable with this engine. While Lightroom is well-known for its catalog setup, ON1 uses a “database” file for the same purpose. When I drag and drop the file, it shows and marks the dragged one as copy. ON1 360 is a cloud-based service that links the ON1 Photo RAW desktop software with a new ON1 Photo Mobile app. Local – this is an equivalent of the Adjustment Brush, only it works worse than in Lightroom, giving the latter another point in the ON1 vs Lightroom comparison. Not all photographers care about working with offline images, but many do. All you need are a few pieces of gear to start taking stunning images! You can capture one of the most notable differences in ON1 vs Lightroom in how they store edits to images. These days I'm active on Instagram and YouTube. ON1 has a migration tool for users moving from Lightroom, and it is one of the few on the market that claims to transfer image edits with ease. Our best tips to make clients look their best while having fun and staying relaxed. So, I own ON1, Luminar 2018 (awaiting DAM), Aperture (RIP), and have tried Aftershot 2, Darktable, Capture 1 (honestly, my trial ran out before I could give it a thorough shakedown curse you real life interruptions! I wouldn’t say that ON1 is better than Lightroom, but it certainly is a competent replacement. You can use ON1 Photo RAW’s sidecar files to save your edits, which helps alleviate your reliance on the database. To lose my tag database would be catastrophic to me (much more of a disaster than losing image edits). Each comes with plenty of retouching tools that are simple to use. They have tons of video tutorials covering all aspects of their software, as well as a user guide, a blog and online community, and an extensive collection of written help pages. ON1 Photo Raw also provides free tutorial videos online and a user guide, but their advanced tutorials cost extra. And in a simpler example, ON1 for some reason doesn’t let you view your images full screen (no distractions), while Lightroom makes it easy with just the “F” keyboard shortcut. Start here! Lightroom does a lot of things really well — however, quickly importing photos isn't one of them. Lightroom also lets you eliminate the photo’s metadata, or only keep copyright information, while ON1 exports your images with all their information. I know LR can do DAM, I’m currently using it for ingestion and culling then I go to C1 reimport the kept images so I can develop them. In terms of efficiency, I found it a bit off-putting that you cannot adjust ON1’s sliders with the scroll wheel on your mouse or touchpad. I tried FastRAWViewer, it is awesome for ingestion and culling, and features a really fast loading of the images, but lacks on the DAM area. Regardless, you can (and should) enable them via the top menu if you haven’t yet: ON1 Photo RAW > Preferences > Files > Sidecar Options. It isn’t a million miles away from Adobe Lightroom, which is a plus. While the two programs share many similar tools, ON1 Photo RAW contains more of them than Lightroom. You can add offline photos to collections, sort them in the Filter Bar, rate them, color tag them, and so on. At the moment, my set up is FastRawViewer (which I think is really great – a tip from Photography Life – thank you!) ON1 Photo Raw vs Lightroom: Editing Options for Photographers, Best Camera Accessories (Coffee is Optional), When We Fail: 4 Tips to Recover from Failure as a Photographer, Our Complete Guide on How to Flip an Image in Photoshop. Both ON1 Photo RAW and Adobe Lightroom are end-to-end photography editing software covering every aspect of photo management. It’s a minor ease-of-use complaint, but it does add up to a quicker experience in Lightroom’s develop module than in ON1’s editor. In many ways, ON1’s editor looks like a redesign of Lightroom’s, until you start working with advanced features like layers. On the other hand, Lightroom has fewer built-in presets, filters, and effects, but actually contains more of them if you include third-party options. But Lightroom catalogs are also more versatile and safer in many ways. It takes some effort to prepare your Lightroom catalog – for example, you need to find or remove all missing photos – but it will save you a lot more time than it costs.

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