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Shimazu Toyohisa (Drifters)/Reader; Reader; Shimazu Toyohisa (Drifters) Reader-Insert; Smut; Breeding; Desk Sex; Rough Sex; Creampie; Pregnancy Kink; Summary. Submit. He became the general of the attack on Yamada Castle with Tadamoto Niiro and Shigeho Murao, and captured it, and on April 12, 1600, the Shonai War ended with the surrender of Ijuin Tadazane. Toyohisa was treated as a full-fledged military commander even before he took his genpuku. Futsumeshinokami is named in his DLC weapon. He is best known for his actions during the Sekigahara Campaign, particularly surrounding the events before and during the climatic battle. He implied that Toyohisa fits this need for the Kyushu chapter. Nioh Sekigahara Mansion The Sekigahara mission in Nioh begins with a powerful story cutscene and when the mission starts, go straight ahead towards the first shrine. Naomasa Ii's forces approached, and fired a volly once, resulting in a battle. Contributed By: ZeoKnight 3 0 « See More or Submit Your Own! Yoshihiro's story route in Sengoku Musou 3: Empires has the inexperienced Toyohisa attempt to join the battle against the Ryūzōji much to his uncle's disapproval. On August 23 of the same year, he took control of Gifu Castle, but when he heard that the enemy was trying to block the back, he retreated to Gakuta outside Ogaki Castle. The first character popularity poll for Sengoku Musou Shoot has him at twentieth place. The Shimadzu army won the Battle of Hetsugigawa which became the first battle of the Kyushu Campaign. Care to help him with that? and they split up laughing. He advanced with a single horse and defeated the second-class enemy leader, but was injured his left ear. Please see Tier List for more information. This guide will seek to help you through the demon-filled lands of the East, and give you tips on surviving every He stalls Ii and his troops until he knows that his uncle made the trip safely. It is said that Toyohisa's armor was obtained by Shimazu Hisayoshi, the head of the Nagayoshi-Shimazu family, in 1777 and stored in Tensho-ji Temple, the family temple of the Nagayoshi-Shimazu clan, and now it is kept in Shoko Shusei-kan Hall, where a copy of it is exhibited at Heki City Central Community Center. After his father's passing, Toyohisa was looked after by his uncles, Yoshihisa and Yoshihiro. Toyohisa is the only one upset by Mitsunari's blunt refusal and disrespect towards Yoshihiro the night before Sekigahara. He was ordered to return to Japan with him. Toyohisa supposedly refused and, after expressing patriotism for his family's homeland, charged into battle. The pre-rendered cinematic version of his final charge has him rescue his uncle from Tadakatsu before volunteering to be left for dead. Clan Analysis. He served in the Battle of Kyushu (1587) under his uncle against the Toyotomi.He fought bravely, but was ambushed off route when he charged forward. Being aided by Musashi, Toyohisa is able to cut his way through Ieyasu's forces, and ends up defeating the lord, spoiling any previous negotiation between him and the Tachibana and Shimazu forces. It is said that during this scuffle, his men were able to cause the gunshot wound that would eventually claim Naomasa's life. A particularly famous tale states that Toyohisa was punctured with multiple arrows and died before his body hit the ground. Yoshihiro suggested a night raid to surprise their foes, but Mitsunari and his closest advisors would not have it, saying that his army did not need to rely on "cowardly methods" to win. In the face of the Seikan no eki (conquest of Korea), he called the brave warriors in the family to the front of each and every one of them.Therefore, he thought that the Lord loved all the fierce warriors, and he told everyone to fight hard at once.'. Many argue that he did not safely escape the conflict to reach the place where his grave marker is located. Toyohisa had no children, and his niece's husband, Kiiri Tadahide, succeeded the family. Toyohisa was outraged and more upset than his uncle about the remark. According to one theory, Toyohisa followed Yoshihiro for nearly nine kilometers while he was seriously injured, and the chief priests and chief village officers of Ruriko-ji Temple held him, but he died around Kashiwara in Kamishizu, was cremated and buried in the nearby Ruriko-ji Temple, and a grave is still in existence at the temple. Once Da Ji is defeated, he formally joins his rescuers. Fighting is clear. In January of 1598, when attacking Hikoyo Castle, which was defended by Ming's soldiers. He was once worshiped as a god of good luck or transportation. Toyohisa, though perplexed by his uncle's restlessness, is pleased to see their clan ruling a peaceful Japan in Yoshihiro's ending. For Nioh on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "The historical details of this game is just amazing." Register! In Samurai Warriors 2, Toyohisa appears as a secondary character in Yoshihiro's story. Once he starts fighting, he rarely quits nor does he ever admit defeat. In 1593, at the Siege of Jinju (1593), the banner of Shimazu Toyohisa's army takes the first place. Last week, we saw Kunoichi, Takeda Shingen… In Saihai no Yukue, his height is 190 cm (close to 6'3") and he is 27 years old. He reached twelfth place in the Samurai Warriors 4 character popularity poll. He believes he must work hard to live up to his elders' legacy as a true warrior of his clan. It is said that Toyohisa, who lost sight of Yoshihiro once in the middle of the battle, was worried about what he would do with his tears, and that he was able to join Yoshihiro after that. The existence of the nation was entirely dependent on the Lord (Yoshihiro)," he said, and urged his uncle to withdraw. It’s also really difficult. Though he was entrusted with the future of the clan, Toyohisa joins his uncle on the battlefield. Shimazu is a Clan in Nioh. Mieda commented that the new characters for the fourth title were added to help bridge the chapters together. Toyohisa has short black hair and light grey eyes. Shimazu Toyohisa (島津 豊久, July, 1570 – October 21, 1600), son of Shimazu Iehisa and nephew of Shimazu Yoshihiro, was a Japanese samurai who was a member of the Shimazu clan.He was also the castle lord in command of Sadowara Castle.. At this time, Shimazu Iehisa and Shimazu Toyohisa, accompanied by more than 10,000 soldiers, surrounded Tsuruga Castle (currently Oita City, Oita Prefecture) near the Hetsugigawa River in Bungo Province. Join the page discussion Tired of anon posting? His final moments moves many to have sympathy for Yoshihiro. Toyohisa was said to have killed at least ten soldiers before he fell in battle. However, Toyohisa Shimazu strongly refused, saying, "Even if you are in your hometown, if you know your father's difficulties, you will come to see him, but if you run away on the eve of the war even though you are young, it will be a shame until the last generation." It was a challenge for them to decide how much of his skin they should reveal to emphasize his youthful charm and energy. Zerochan has 65 Shimazu Toyohisa anime images, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, cosplay pictures, facebook covers, and many more in its gallery. Early in the battle, he suggested using an ambush but Mitsunari refused to accept it. ...On the day of the decisive battle, Iehisa Shimazu saw his son's armor and said, "It's been a great warrior.". Their pursuers fell for the ruse and fought the nephew. Welcome to IGN's Walkthrough for Sub Mission 11: Heir to the Nioh. As a condition of their new alliance, Toyohisa later assists the Toyotomi attack in Oshu and Odawara Castle. However, he despises Mitsunari since the latter said that his services weren't needed in battle. On the eve of the battle, Iehisa became concerned about his son Toyohisa and urged him to return home. That year, the Shimazu surrendered to Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Iehisa died suddenly after returning from the Toyotomi camp, likely due to assassination or poisoning. 1000x640 763kB When it finally came out in 2017, it was on the PS4. I will die here. After the war ended, Shimazu Yoshihisa decided to give Nomiya (present Nomiya-cho, Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture) to Toyohisa's military exploits, but Toyohisa declined the offer. Mitsunari's vassal and envoy, Yasojima Sukesaemon, brought a request from his lord to enter the fray and demonstrate the true power of the Shimazu family. Shimazu Toyohisa was born in 1570 as a child of Shimazu Iehisa. His childhood name was Houjumaru, and he was initially named Shimazu Tadatoyo, but later changed his name to Toyohisa. Toyohisa said, 'Today, I'm sure that today's Mounted Warriors will attack each other.' Reproachfully releasing the messenger with scathing words, Sukesaemon was utterly fearful for his safety and fled without looking back. Once his father realized that the battle would be more intense than he originally thought, he ordered his son to retreat. He is one of the gods who accepted Ninigi's proposal for peace, guiding Ningi through several wild deities and specters for a safe meeting place. He participated in the Odawara Campaign and sent troops for the Korean Campaign. He attended his ceremony of attaining manhood at Higo Province on May 23, 1584. During the day of the battle, the Shimazu family defiantly did not move from their location. Kyushu has been heralded as the home of Takachiho, a place mentioned in legends as the first place where the heavens granted the land water. His mother was Kabayama Yoshihisa's daughter, whose father was an educated teacher and a family vassal with a great deal of experience and honors of war under his belt. Due to his uncle's patronizing, Toyohisa innocuously prides his helmet and seeks to defend it like a true champion. Armed with a divine pronged sword Futsumeshinokami descended to Izumo. Moments after they conquer Kyushu by taking Iwaya Castle and Tachibanayama Castle, the Shimazu lose against Hideyoshi's massive army. After joining the Coalition, Toyohisa will also join Cao Cao's forces in finding Yoshihiro and Guo Jia at Nagashino. Toyohisa appears in Warriors Orochi 3 as a generic brave officer. He is voiced by Yuichi Nakamura in Japanese (with dialect) and by Josh Grelle in English. Toyohisa is a wandering warrior, having been separated from his uncle in Warriors Orochi 4. In Sengoku Asuka ZERO, wood element warriors deal increased damage to those of the water element, but receive increased damage from those of the fire element. Toyohisa Shimazu was first introduced to the series in Samurai Warriors 4. Toyohisa Shimazu (島津 豊久) The protagonist. Shimazu Toyohisa is a character from Drifters (Manga). He appears on stages where his uncle would normally appear should the player assume his role. On May 12, 1600, he left Sadowara to work in Fushimi and went to Osaka on June 5 to demand time for his return home. After the fall of Fushimi-jo Castle, on August 15 of the same year, he went from Fushimi to Sawayama, the castle of Ishida Mitsunari, and departed for the front in Mino Province. In any case, Toyohisa and others did die hard and Yoshihiro was able to return to Satsuma safely. Later, when the Eastern Army became dominant in the battle, the Shimazu Army became isolated in the battlefield, and Yoshihiro was forced to commit seppuku when he refused to retreat. However, it was said that Yoshihiro did not participate in the battle because he was distrustful of the Western Army who did not listen to the night attack proposed by him, but this anecdote was written in a secondary compilation called "ochko Shu"(collection of collected land), and since there are almost no articles on night attack in the historical materials of the Shimazu side, it can not be said that it is a historical fact. The battle was fought in an effort to expand the Shimazu family territory. If you wish to contribute, please refer to the Editing Guidelines and To Do List for more info!. Toyohisa Shimazu (島津豊久 in Japanese) is the historical samurai and appears in the creator of Hellsing's new series Drifters as one of the main Characters. In festivals surrounding the battle, Toyohisa will often be a banner man with this crest. Nioh was announced a year earlier at E3 2005 during the same press conference where the PS3 itself was revealed. He is famous for defeating 37,000 Korean soldiers with 7,000 Japanese troops. Although the location is said to mark the general location where Toyohisa died, the locals have their own theories regarding his demise. Despite his troubled childhood, he matured with a good head on his shoulders. Though he dies during the assault, Toyohisa's hand clings to Ii's legs and prevents him from proceeding forward. Toyohisa served as the rear guard in this battle, but the Eastern army fiercely chased the Shimazu army, and the Shimazu army also suffered many casualties. In the Samurai Warriors series, he is symbolized by the kanji for "challenge" (挑) and "falcon" (隼). Yoshihiro decided to withdraw to the direction of Ise-kaido Road without knowing Ieyasu's headquarters. Yoshihiro uses the metaphor to bolster his troops' morale, stating that devils such as themselves thrive in this environment. The Toyotomi army is a large army with a total of more than 20,000 people (actual work is about 6,000 people). His wife was the daughter of Shimazu Tadanaga, cousin and karō to Shimazu Yoshihisa.[2]. They fought so skillfully that the Korean army called his troops Oni-Shimazu or “Shimazu Demons”. 1 Role in the Series 2 Character Information 2.1 Voice Actors 3 Gallery Hiroshi Kamiya - Samurai Warriors 2 (Japanese) Shunzō Miyasaka - Samurai Warriors 3~4 (Japanese) Add a photo to this gallery However, the numbers soon got the best of him and he perished in the field with the Shimazu vassal, Chojuin Moriatsu. In the instances of her neglect, Ninigi's father begrudgingly raised Ninigi. Shimazu Yoshihiro Notes?? Due to spellings for his name, Futsumeshinokami can be regarded as a deity who never loses. The enemy general, Ryuzoji Takanobu, was also defeated and the strength of his heroism was shown throughout Kyushu. In the Battle of Sekigahara, he was called off and joined by Shimazu Yoshihiro just before he returned to Sadowara from Kyoto while he was staying, but it is not that his personal connection with Yoshihiro was deeply engraved in the materials. It is also said that a horse of Toyohisa was found in the saddle with a pool of blood and a main part of the horse was lost quite early. During one of the DLC stages, Toyohisa, Xiahou Ba and Lady Hayakawa are told of a height-improving bracelet near Odawara-Wan Castle . For the Nioh 2 Wiki, please see here. Shimazu Toyohisa/Nasu no Yoichi; Shimazu Toyohisa Nasu no Yoichi Oda Nobunaga Minamoto no Yoshitsune (mentioned) Drifters fluff and smut cursing; Summary. This week's Samurai Warriors 4 character footage comes in the form of eight new videos, showing Date Masamune, Mori Motonari, and six other warriors. It was a cold afternoon, when all started. Yoshihiro should lead his army back to Satsuma. Worried for his uncle's safety, he protested Yoshihiro's participation at Sekigahara. After praising him, he re-tied the sash, and told Toyohisa, "If I can win today and survive, my father will untie this upper belt." There is an anecdote that shows the relationship between Shimazu Iehisa and Shimazu Toyohisa in this battle of Okitanawate. When he first arrived in the world, he was critically injured, only to be brought to the hideout of Nobunaga and Yoichi by some young "elves." Language: English Words: 987 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 2 Kudos: 51 Bookmarks: 3 Hits: 1404 When the Battle of Sekigahara broke out, he joined the Western Army together with his uncle Yoshihiro. O… In the battle between Shimazu and Ryuzoji for supremacy in Kyushu, Shimazu Iehisa defeated more than 25,000 Ryuzoji troops with only about 6,000 troops. Historically, he died in 1600 during the Battle of Sekigahara. During the deadly battle, more than 1,000 people were killed or injured by the Shimazu army, and Chōsokabe Nobuchika and Sogō Masayasu were killed in battle. The Kyushu warriors admire his tenacity yet playfully tease him for his inexperience. After saying his last words, he smiles for the first time in the game and orders his men to destroy Ii's forces. He volunteers to be his uncle's rear guard at Sekigahara and proudly duels the pursuing Naomasa when Yoshihiro reaches safety. There is no other warlord who defeated so many daimyo in the field throughout the Sengoku Period. Toyohisa was a bold and steadfast general. Toyohisa idolizes the general's conduct at Kyushu and seeks to befriend him. He came out of the ordeal as an honored man since he personally killed a few men with great skill. You may consider me as your own arms and legs. Distinction: Shimazu; Japanese: 島津豊久 (Shimazu Toyohisa) Toyohisa was the son of Shimazu Iehisa and held Sadowara castle in Hyûga when he came of age. He was stationed at Angolpo. His mother was Kabayama Yoshihisa's daughter, whose father was an educated teacher and a family vassal with a great deal of experience and honors of war under his belt. On September 20, the same year, he returned to Sacheon and commissioned Sacheon Castle. Toyohisa Shimazu is Yoshihiro's young nephew who is often seen alongside his uncle in battle. He was married to Shimazu Tadanaga's daughter, one of his uncle's cousins. He is devastated by the bloody aftermath, muttering that it must be hell itself. On August 15 of the same year, he participated in the Siege of Namwon Castle in the vanguard and killed 13 enemy heads, and on the next day, he returned to Japan with the noses of the enemy heads. He studies war strategies as a hobby and likes to drink shōchū. As he walks from the field wounded and bleeding, Toyohisa finds himself transported to a corridor of doors, where a … Historically he died in 1600. Rider's true identity is Shimazu Toyohisa, the son of Shimazu Iehisa, nephew of Shimazu Yoshihiro, and a skilled samurai warrior and military general of the Shimazu Clan in Japan. In every iteration of the Sekigahara stage, the nephew will die fighting in battle to bide time for Yoshihiro's escape. He is believed to have experienced his first battle when he was fourteen during the Battle of Okitanawate. After that, he participated in the conquest of Odawara in 1590 by the Toyotomi clan. He appears in different character scenarios either as reinforcements for Yoshihiro or as a leader for a Shimazu ambush in the battle of Edo Castle. In early June of the same year, he went to the Shonai War due to Shimazu Tadatsune's departure for the front. In addition, Toyohisa made his first appearance before his genpuku. He later aids Cao Ren and Zhou Tai as they defend the castle. Toyohisa protests the shame of surrender but abides to his uncle's decision. His Nobunaga's Ambition counterpart is seventy-sixth place in Gamecity's character popularity ranking for 2015. When Yoshihiro and Mitsunari make the march east to join forces with Mori, Toyohisa volunteers to serve as their rear guard. He is later involved with the pacification of Toyoashihara once he is recommended by the gods to fight. Shimazu Toyohisa was Shimazu Iehisa's son and was one of the speculated future candidates to lead the Shimazu family. To bide time for his uncle's escape, Toyohisa donned Yoshihiro's red coat and declared himself under his uncle's name., Clinton Lee Pontes - Samurai Warriors 2 (English, shared with other Wild officers), "Uncle... From this day forth, I am in our service. Once Toyohisa learns that they were duped by a fake, he relents and will follow any reasonable order. In 1584 (Tensho 12), Ryuzoji Takanobu, who was based in Hizen Province (currently Saga and Nagasaki prefectures), and Okita, who was led by Shimazu Iehisa, collided with the Shimazu-Arima Allied Force. He also wears a pair of cotton waraji over white tabi. Impetuous Toyohisa is a living wrecking ball of trouble. Ninigi has a rich history in the area and continues to act as the hero for many plays and tourist attractions near Takachiho. That night, the camp was changed to Sekigahara, and the camp was formed about a town from Ishida's camp in a dense fog under the rain before dawn on September 15. The Battle of Sekigahara (Shinjitai: 関ヶ原の戦い; Kyūjitai: 關ヶ原の戰い, Hepburn romanization: Sekigahara no Tatakai) was a decisive battle on October 21, 1600 (Keichō 5, 15th day of the 9th month), this battle was the biggest and one of the most important battles in Japanese feudal history, that preceded the establishment of the Tokugawa shogunate. He was married to Shimazu Tadanaga's daughter, one of his uncle's cousins. In Ginchiyo Tachibana's ending, after the western army beats the Shimazu at Yamazaki,  he protests against Ginchiyo when she mentions that due to the nature of their times, she would have to burn the Shimazu's villages and make their people suffer. Ninigi appears in the name of his rare weapon. After the war, Sadowara, his territory, was temporarily confiscated by the Tokugawa family for the extinction of the family line, and ShodavYasuhisa, a yoriki (a police sergeant) of Yamaguchi Naotomo, was appointed to the post, and later Shimazu Mochihisa, a member of the family, entered the post. Toyohisa takes offense to the last name because he is a cat lover like the rest of his family. During his uncle's charge through the field, he led a rear guard unit and fought with the Eastern Army. Even after his genpuku, Toyohisa and his father fought against a strong enemy. He was saved by his uncle. Yamato Bumi instead describes that he was despised by his grandfather, Takamusubinomikoto, and implies he met hardships from his family whilst being raised. However, Toyohisa felt that his uncle Yoshihiro needed to return alive to face the difficult situation that came after the war, and said, 'The existence of the Shimazu family depends on Yoshihiro. On May 3, he landed in Busan with about 30 cavalry and 500 miscellaneous soldiers, and invaded to the gate, but the Korean King Seonjo had fled to Uiju. For this achievement, he was given a letter of commendation and a sword by Shimazu Tadatsune. You must survive.' In February 1586, his father, Iehisa told Uwai Satokane would like to have the medicine for the treatment of smallpox for Toyohisa’s three siblings. The best source of information about Nioh, written for fans, by fans. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. In addition, Shimazu Iehisa and Shimazu Toyohisa have defeated three daimyo in total: Ryuzoji Takanobu in the Battle of Okitanawate and Chōsokabe Nobuchika and Sogō Masayasu in the Battle of Hetsugigawa. Unique Nobunaga Posters designed and sold by artists. Although he makes several mistakes in his recklessness, he admires Yoshihiro and would gladly lay down his life to save his "Dear Uncle" (叔父上, ojiue)., Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 January 2021, at 21:23. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Yoshihiro affectionately calls him "Brat" (餓鬼, gaki) or "Son" (せがれ, segare) and the Tachibana refer to him as "Pup" (子犬, koinu). Became the lord of the castle. Depending on which source is asked, he was resented by Amaterasu, his grandmother, since his father was created during one of her spiteful contests with her brother. Designers strove to make him look like a "young warrior from Kyushu" within the series. When Toyohisa participated in the Battle of Sekigahara, he proudly rode under Yoshihiro's coat of arms. It is said that Yoshihiro sent Toyohisa to Mitsunari Ishida's headquarters in September 14, 1600 and proposed a night attack against the Kanto army while in Akasaka, but Mitsunari rejected the proposal because his army was a horde and he decided to fight in Hirono during the day. ". Iehisa, however, persuades Yoshihiro to let his son participate by retying the young man's helmet and cutting both ends of the knot to symbolize their clan's determination to fight to the end. Toyohisa may pout if his weaknesses are exposed to him, yet his earnest enthusiasm never fails to shine in his actions. On May 20, the same year, he was ordered to capture Jinju and led 476 people. Since the youth obeys commands during battle and performs well, Yoshihiro complements him and permits him to join the clan's conquests of the island. Toyohisa was a bold and steadfast general. There is a description of Shimazu Toyohisa and a large amount of bleeding.'. Then, Yoshihiro also took up his position at a distance of about a quarter. He calms down when his fallen uncle puts his hand on him and Ginchiyo remarks that the Tachibana do not operate like that and she is honoured to lead such a fine adversary. Of the three Drifters in the group, Toyohisa is the most willing to … The Battle of Sekigahara (Shinjitai: 関ヶ原の戦い; Kyūjitai: 關ヶ原の戰い, Hepburn romanization: Sekigahara no Tatakai) was a decisive battle on October 21, 1600 (Keichō 5, 15th day of the 9th month), this battle was the biggest and one of the most important battles in Japanese feudal history, that preceded the establishment of the Tokugawa shogunate. Toyohisa's gravestone is placed in Kamiishizu, Gifu and was created by Shimazu Tadashige. On February 21, 1597 (Keicho 2), while he was on duty at Gadeokdo, he was ordered to sortie again, and Toyohisa was the third with 800 people. The name of Shimazu Toyohisa became known to the generals. He withstood the assault valiantly with his few gunmen, facing generals such as Ii Naomasa, Fukushima Masanori, and Honda Tadakatsu. Simple words or gestures of gratitude are all he needs to keep him in high spirits. The story of the manga centers around Shimazu Toyohisa, the real-life … Welcome to IGN's Walkthrough for Nioh. - Page 3. In August of the same year, he was ordered to return to Japan with Akizuki Tanenaga, Mototane Takahashi, and Sagara Yorifusa. When the Toyotomi army knew about the retreat of the Shimadzu army, they began to cross the Toji River, but the Shimadzu army swooped in. His body was then minced apart by the Eastern Army. Breeding kink--Toyohisa didn't have one before, but he does when he's with you. He and a few Shimazu cavalrymen fire at the pursuing Eastern Army. After battling through potential competitors, Zeus reveals the entire matter to just be a prank, leading to the trio and the other competitors to attack the god in anger. On July 15, the same year, he participated in the Battle of Chilcheolyang. He is believed to have experienced his first battle when he was fourteen during the Battle of Okitanawate. Toyohisa considers Naomasa a kindred spirit who shares many parallels with him. By chance, he finds his way to Ōsaka Castle, where he is attacked by Da Ji and Lu Bu's army. Part 22 of Spring-a-Fling-a-Ling! Toyohisa returns in Saihai no Yukue as a reluctant and harsh member of the Western Army. Shimazu Yoshihiro Dialogue?? He served under his uncle Yoshihiro in the Odawara Campaign , in the Korean Invasions, and accompanied him to the Battle of Sekigahara. In 1587 (Tensho 15), at the request of Otomo Sorin, daimyō of Bungo Province (currently Oita Prefecture), Toyotomi Hideyoshi invaded Kyushu. The night before the battle took place, the Eastern army held a war council. Introduction Shimazu Toyohisa, while involved at the Battle of Sekigahara, manages to mortally wound Ii Naomasa, but is critically wounded in the process. Shimazu Yoshihiro Lore & History?? Toyohisa dies happy to have become a rival worthy of respect. His Late Sengoku/Early Edo period armor consists of a red karuta sashinuki style kote with red lacquered steel han kote style forearm guards along with red lacquered steel suneate and haidate. He has participated in the Battle of Okitanawate and has listed the enemy's leaders. It is said that Iehisa and Toyohisa fought hard in Okitanawate, and Iehisa untied Toyohisa's obi. On February, 1599, he became a vice-minister to the Ministry of Central Affairs due to his achievements in Korea.

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