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I love to spend time alone by the water and I often use this type of vacation. if (document.compatMode && document.compatMode == 'BackCompat') { So for the past few months I have been watching YouTube videos on the subject. We use a lot of the credit toward Ubers and Lyfts - great for when grocery stores aren’t within walking distance. But, he’s a liveaboard in NZ so that is different. Some of these yacht clubs are surrounded by nice shops, restaurants with live bands, etc.. You wouldn’t need a car as most tourists bicycle around anyway helping to lower your monthly costs. It’s no surprise boat maintenance is top of the list. We just returned from a full month in the Florida Keys where we rented a nice house (AirB&B) and a boat for the month of March. We didn’t cut these services when we moved onboard. This was my biggest question when we were planning and saving to cruise. It’s still something I would like to give a try. We plan to throw in a couple of cruises to the Carribean, and we are planning a road trip to Acadia, Maine and Nova Scotia, CA this summer. What does it cost to live on a boat and sail it around? Here are a few adjustments we make to maximize our fuel efficiency. “ Is it best to buy in one area and sell in another ? A game I often play with myself is to see how long we can go without provisioning. These people are living in the equivalent of a 200 square foot tiny house. Be patient and keep moving forward. We aren’t … I don’t mind doing laundry on the boat. It is fascinating. } Next I found an article on Business Insider. I’ll simply post titles, links, and summaries: Lots of information here and quite a spread on costs. Learning to maintain, operate, cook, and just be on a boat will take time. Once you’ve created a boat wardrobe that works you’ll find there is little you will need. When we cruise the Bahamas we are planning to use My Island WiFi service. That’s a thing? Recommended to you based on your activity and what's popular • Feedback What, just me? I loved this post as well. I was afraid they were going to be hit by a 50-foot wave, lose power, run out of food, or any one of a number of calamities that seemed imminent. Thanks for this post. If we are planning to make a few trips to shore we’ll anchor closer to the dinghy dock. But the stress level will lower with time and experience. Think how much money you spend operating your car(s) every month. As you know, there are a gazillion answers to that question based on lifestyle choices and a ton of other factors. it is really a great thing to spend time together and take a break from everyday life. Use a balance of fresh, canned, and dried ingredients. Using hot water from the engines (when we have it) to get water boiling. We took a cruise to escape the Michigan winter. We make a strong effort to do most boat projects ourselves. On top of that, the sun and humidity will destroy makeup. recommend. Love Gone with the Wynns! You will be constantly fixing broken things or maintaining things so they don’t break. She gets seasick just thinking about that. Do this and you can stretch your provision budget without sacrificing flavor. If you’ve been reading ESI Money for any length of time you know that I love the Caribbean. document.getElementById("af-header-1925292122").className = "af-header af-quirksMode"; Never saw myself as a snowbird type, but hey…it was pretty dang awesome! For us, extended time at the dock is just a redistribution of funds. Learn how your comment data is processed. document.getElementById("af-body-1925292122").className = "af-body inline af-quirksMode"; Anyone out there have a boat and/or ever want to sail/live on one? Usually this trip is done in a 40-50’ power boat, although sailboats have been used. One of the problems you’ll note with many of these is they are not showing you their boat maintenance or fuel costs. This couple spent $150k on a boat, then moved it to San Diego where: In an average month, it costs them around $2,200 to live on the boat. I hit a rock while sailing last weekend. I would guess a realistic budget for us would be around 75-100k a year which would include side trips and travel home every 3-4 months to stay connected to family and friends. September 21, 2011. We know how to stay warm and cool off. Here is an article about the budget that might be of interest to those who want to learn more:, I have been a live aboard boatie for 14 years now and my wife has spent last 8 of those with me. In many ways, living on a sailboat is like living in a small apartment without access to a store. And by “up to me” I mean that I am planning at least one trip there per year. So many ways to skin a cat. If you are hoping to stretch your cruising kitty give yourself some time to get over that learning curve. And the whales. There is a Finnish saying that says: Nothing is too expensive for the boat! Required fields are marked *. This will help you create a cruising budget which will be unique to you. Each month, they pay around $2,200 to live on their boat. Maybe it’s better (as cost effective or even less expensive) than moving to a low cost of living city or foreign country. They also give this advice: to lower expenses, be as self-sufficient as possible. This 30-ish couple is sailing all over creation and sharing their story. In other words, you can save a ton by anchoring in a harbor versus at a marina, creating/using your own energy, catching your food, etc. On the low end, on-going costs seem like $500 a month. A narrowboat can cost as little as £15,000 for a 'project craft' to more than £150,000 for a brand new boat, built to your own specification. We have slowly become more confident, but it took us months of traveling on the water to start getting comfortable using the sails. This is something I wish I had transitioned to before cruising. I haven’t met any full-time boater who says that boating is affordable. Yacht vacation to a great thing. When we were saving for the cruising kitty we found ways to cut our mobile bill by using data on our home and work WiFi. Haha! Also, a lot of people don’t talk about the actual refit costs, and that’s where a lot of the boating costs add up quickly. We are more comfortable with boat systems, weather, and making repairs while on the anchor. as you cruise. Thanks for signing up, and welcome to the Sunnyside! When we moved aboard our phone plan became the main internet source. I was looking for someone to tell me exactly how much it would cost ME to live on a sailboat full-time. The more you can cover up the less sunscreen you’ll need. Learning to live this lifestyle is not always easy. That means we spent about $2,020 a month for two people. However, when we dock in remote places or anchor away from shore access there is less (or no) opportunity to eat out. This “dream” (if you can call it that) started many years ago. For us, our cost of living on a sailboat isn't so far from our land-based spending. I quickly learned some people cruise for less than $1,000 a month and some on upwards of $10,000 a month. Those aren’t that expensive on land either. if (document.getElementById("af-footer-1925292122")) { Get a free copy of "Three Steps to Financial Independence. I hope you’ll try it for a couple weeks or a month sometime in the future and regale us with your sailing adventures. I loved this post. Being newbies to not only cruising, but boats in general - there was an enormous learning curve. They made some sort of special sale that made it possible (so not nearly $1,000,000) and Outremer gets endless publicity from the videos. ? I was clueless when it came to creating a budget for our future life aboard. Pay little to no rent! Obviously I was intrigued and asked if she was going to document her experiences on video. People Around You Pay Millions For Your View. But we eat pretty darn well most of the time. For instance: Do you want to live on a multi-million dollar yacht or a dinghy that’s the water version of camping in a tent? Spotify membership for music $11 (we can download or stream). True, but the difference is income. You sacrifice the space, but make up with excitement, adventure and living with nature. Yes, but just do the numbers. Do your research. This is consistently our biggest expense on the boat. On Isla Mujeres, a couple can live a very nice life for around $2,500 per month, including rent, according to International Living magazine.³ And rents range from $900 to … If we weren’t living aboard, we’d be paying a cool $8 per foot. With this carrier, we get unlimited data and 40 gigs of hot spot data each month. Its a min $300 haul out fee followed by whatever the cost is to repair. In addition to my love of the Caribbean, you also know that I’m fascinated by the thought of retiring on a cruise ship. The reason living on your sailboat year-round opposed to seasonally is so much cheaper for you is because you still need to rent a marina slip regardless of if you live on the boat or not. Insurance was a huge expensive our first year. How Much Does It Cost To Live On A Boat??? A bit different than what I was looking for but still adds to the general topic knowledge. But I still wanted to get a “general” sense of what it would cost, so I did some googling. I’ll tell you a little bit of truth, here. Like most, we enjoy music, movies, and books. The couple recently broke down their living expenses for Business Insider. ",

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